Sometimes I-o-P (Ink-on-Paper) <i><u>IS</i></u> better
April 6th, 2005 by JTJ

Ericson, the top-flight map/infographics journalist/designer at The New York
Times, produced another fine piece of work Tuesday related to changes
in the Roman Catholic world.  But what we get in print is superior
[click here to see IoP version] to the online version of the cartogram (i.e.
proportional map), which illustrates how the church has
grown in Latin America, Africa and Asia.  The print page positions
the RC world c. 1900 right next to the RC population c. 2005. 
Readers' eyes can quickly shift from one region to the other and see
the differences.  On the other hand, the online treatment of those
graphics, while supplying data for three different eras — 1900, 1978,
2005 — bring up each era individually, making it difficult to compare
one to the others.  Snazzy presentation, but at a loss of
comprehension.  Go to NYT story “Third World Represeents a New Factor in Pope's Succession” 
and click on the right column link for “Interactive: After John Paul
II.”  Then, after the java window pops up, click on “Changes in

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