U.S. paper using Google Maps online
August 18th, 2005 by JTJ

As Anna-Maria Mende reports from

“US: News sites playing with Google Maps

By Anna-Maria Mende

As reports US local sites are beginning to experiment with Google Maps. New York State local newspaper Record Online,
for example, began to put Google maps on its articles. While reading
the article readers can see the location of the story on maps or
satellite images. Newspapers are thereby taking advantage of Google in
contrast to usual complaints that Google News and Google Ads threaten

“Recently, technology firm Daden from Birmingham, UK, developed a tool that combines Google Earth with users' favorite RSS feeds (see previous posting).
(Google Earth – unlike Google Maps – shows three-dimensional images.)
With this tool readers can select news by location on an international,
regional or local map on their computer. Newspapers experimenting with
Google Maps works the other way round; showing readers the location of
a news story while they are already reading it.

We wonder when Google will begin licensing its maps to I-o-P publications for inclusion in the hard copy edition.

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