Digital detectives
November 3rd, 2005 by JTJ

those interested in the forensic process — and in this case, computer
forensics — be sure to check out this fine, fine piece of digital
detective work by Mark Russinovich, a computer security expert with
Sysinternals.  He
discovered evidence of a “rootkit” on his Windows PC.

We don't think journalists need to know how to DO this kind of
deep-diving probing, but  we should be aware that it is possible
and, broadly speaking, the methods if only to know the appropriate
search terms.

Through heroic forensic work,
he traced the code to First 4 Internet, a British provider of
copy-restriction technology that has a deal with Sony to put digital
rights management on its CDs. It turns out Russinovich was infected
with the software when he played the Sony BMG CD
Get Right With the Man by the Van Zant brothers.

Here's WIRED Magazine's take on the story, “The Cover-Up Is the Crime

And here's what Dan Gillmor had to say about it, with additional links.

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