So is there a story in the song(s)?
January 14th, 2006 by JTJ

From Complexity Digest:

Semantic Descriptors To Help The Hunt For Music, ( Innovations-report)

Excerpts: You like a certain song and want to hear other
tracks like it, but don't know how to find them? Ending the
needle-in-a-haystack problem of searching for music on the Internet or
even in your own hard drive is a new audio-based music information
retrieval system. Currently under development by the SIMAC project, it
is a major leap forward in the application of semantics to audio
content, allowing songs to be described not just by artist, title and
genre but by their actual musical properties such as rhythm, timbre,
harmony, structure and instrumentation. This allows comparisons between
songs to be made (…).

Source: Semantic Descriptors To Help

this come to fruition, might there be stories in patterns — regional
patterns — in music?  How could we map this?  And when?

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