Games: They ain't kid-stuff
October 25th, 2006 by JTJ

The past week or two has brought some press stories about games being designed/developed as tools for learning, as in “productive learning,” not learning how to inflict terror or be a better car-jacker.  We recently ran across the site below, “Social Impact Games.”  It's well worth a visit, as are the others.

We think these have great potential for journalism as tools to help readers/viewers learn how government, eduction, schools, the legal system and nature work. 

Good links to simulation games:

*) Social Impact Games.  This one is a very rich jump site: or




Frankly, and off the record, our favorite is the Anti-Bush game:

”The Anti-Bush Video Game”

From the website: “Combines humor, opinion, and fact to bring an
entertaining and informative video game adventure to people everywhere.

“The use of this medium will hopefully reach many people who have
not had the time or interest to read up on some of the appalling things
that have taken place in our government and society over the past four
years. For those of you who are paying attention, hopefully this game
has helped to clarify some of the important things at stake in the
upcoming elections. I realize that this game does not cover every
issue, problem, and appalling action of the Bush administration. There
are too many stories to report. Some issues ended up taking a back seat
to others. Just know that this is just a silly game and please inform
yourself for real and read books…and most importantly…please vote.”

By Starvingeyes/J. Oda.

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