GeoCommons (Another tip from O'Reilly Radar)
May 24th, 2007 by JTJ


GeoCommons, Share Your GeoData

Posted: 23 May 2007 01:59 PM CDT

By Brady Forrest

geocommons map

is a new mapping site that allows members to use a variety of datasets
to create their own maps. It provides the free geodata, a map builder
tool,the ability to create heat maps, and a map hosting site. An API
will be available shortly. GeoCommons comes from FortiusOne, a Washington, D.C. company. The public Beta is going to be releasedWhere 2.0's launchpad.
Monday, May 28th, at Where 2.0's launchpad.

When building a map you can use one of the 1500 data sets (with 2
billion data attributes) that they have made freely available. The data
sets vary widely and include things like “Identity Theft 2006”, “Coral
Reef Bleaching – Worldwide”, “Starbucks Locations – Worldwide”, and
“HAZUS – Seattle, WA – Resident Demographics”. As you can see below,
data can be viewed in a tabular format prior to loading it onto a map.
Data sets can be combined together so that you can see “The Prices of Living in NYC & SF” and “Barack vs. Clinton – Show Me the Money! ” — it seems to me that Barack has more widespread support.

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