Crime mapping conference in New Orleans
May 26th, 2009 by analyticjournalism

Great opportunity for learning if one is in the New Orleans area.


The Tenth Crime Mapping Research Conference  

Solving Problems with Geography and Technology

Solutions to crime and public safety problems are necessarily about “where.” Those solutions are a combination of research, practice, technology and policy that provides a full perspective of the breadth and depth of a problem and the results of its solution. The application of geographic principles to these problems has come into the mainstream as the reemergence of geography has become a primary component in solving problems.


Advancements in geographic-based technologies have brought a better understanding of crime, more efficient deployment of public safety resources and more critical examination of criminal justice policies. This is due to the reciprocation that occurs between research and practice, often resulting in better technology. Research provides a foundation of theories. Practice operationalizes the theories through technology. Policy decisions are then enacted with a more precise focus based on research and practical demonstration. Geography has been the constant in the expansion of each of these areas, and technology has been the facilitator.


The Crime Mapping Research Conference is not just about presenting where crime is. The conference is about understanding crime and public safety and their effect on community. It represents a range of research findings, practical applications, technology demonstrations and policy results.



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