Teaching Spatial Thinking
June 22nd, 2009 by analyticjournalism

Discovered a new, online resource for teaching spatial thinking today while attending the UCGIS Summer Assembly here in Santa Fe. Take a lookat

About TeachSpatial implements suggestions from a multi-disciplinary Symposium on a Curriculum for Spatial Thinking. The symposium, organized by Diana Sinton, Mike Goodchild, and Don Janelle, was hosted by the University of Redlands in June 2008. Its purpose was to discuss the merits and content of a general curriculum course on spatial thinking. One of its recommendations was to establish a wiki site to promote the discussion and sharing of resources among instructors.

Participants in the Redlands meeting were Kate Beard-Tisdale (Spatial Information Science Engineering, Maine), Marcia Castro (Global Health and Population, Harvard), Jeremy Crampton (Geosciences, Georgia State), Phil Gersmehl, Geography, CUNY Hunter), Mike Goodchild and Don Janelle (spatial@ucsb), John Kantner (School of Advanced Field Studies, Santa Fe), Steve Marshak (Geology, Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Jo-Beth Mertens (Economics, Hobart and William Smith), and Diana Sinton (Spatial Curriculum, Redlands).

What you can do here

    • Create an account and contribute. Account setup is automated and fast and your email address is kept private.
    • Once logged in, you can subscribe to content types (blogs, links, discussions, etc.) to get emails announcing new postings — do this from your My Account page
    • From the “Create Content” page you can post:
      • schemas (e.g., models and representations) to help link concepts into broader frameworks of spatial reasoning
      • teaching resources (syllabi, lesson plans, exercises, examples of student work, etc.)
      • links of interest to this community



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