SNA in R Talk, Updated with [Better] Video
August 20th, 2009 by analyticjournalism

OK, OK.  Using R can be a steep hill to climb for some.  But here, thanks to O”Reilly Radar, is a pretty good video of a presentation on using R as a Social Network Analysis tool.

 “Social Network Analysis in R — video and slides for talk on doing social network analysis with R.”

SNA in R Talk, Updated with [Better] Video

Update II: It occurred to me that it would be much better for people to be able to view the entire talk in a single video, rather than having to switch between sections; therefore, I uploaded the whole thing to Vimeo.

Tonight I will be givingOn August 6th I gave a talk at the New York City R Meetup on how to perform social network analysis in R using the igraph package. Below are the slides I will be going over covered during the talk, and all of the code examples from the presentation are available in the ZIA Code Repository in the R folder.

Below is a video of this talk, with a link to the slides I review during the presentation. If you are interested, I suggest downloading the slides and following along with videos while having the slides open, as much of what is on the screen in the video is hard to read.


Social Netowork Analysis in R from Drew Conway on Vimeo.

Andrew Littleā€™s presentation on econometrics in R using Zelig and MatchIt are also available on YouTube starting here. I hope you enjoy the presentation, and please let me know if you have any questions or comments.



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