More Visualization Links on Twitter
January 23rd, 2010 by Tom Johnson

Thanks to Steve Doig for the pointer to….

More Visualization Links on Twitter

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2010

In a recent post I showed the Top 20 Individual Data Visualizations Mentioned on Twitter and remarked that many of the most frequently mentioned twitter links were to collections of visualizations. Shown below is a meta list of the top collection-type data visualization or infographic links.

Top Collections of Data Visualization Links

  1. 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization – Webdesigner Depot

  2. Data Visualization and Infographics Resources – Smashing Magazine

  3. 15 Stunning Examples of Data Visualization – Web Design Ledger

  4. 20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs – Inspired Magazine

  5. Is Information Visualization the Next Frontier for Design? – Fast Company

  6. 28 Rich Data Visualization Tools – InsideRIA

  7. The Beauty of Infographics and Data Visualization – Abduzeedo

  8. 50 Great Examples of Data Visualization – Sun Yat-Sen University

  9. 20 Inspiring Uses of Data Visualization – SingleFunction

  10. 5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year – 2009 – FlowingData

  11. Data Visualization: Stories for the Information Age – BusinessWeek

  12. Data Visualization: Modern Approaches – Smashing Magazine

  13. The 21 Heroes of Data Visualization: – BusinessWeek

  14. 20+ CSS Data Visualization Techniques – tripwire magazine

  15. MEDIA ARTS MONDAYS:Data Visualization Tools – PSFK

  16. 37 Data-ish Blogs You Should Know About – FlowingData

  17. 5 Best Data Visualization Projects of the Year – FlowingData

  18. 30 new outstanding examples of data visualization –

  19. Infosthetics: the beauty of data visualization – PingMag

  20. 5 Beautiful Social Media Videos – Mashable

Here are the top product type links in the field according to Twitter data between March 24 and Dec 31, 2009.

Top Data Visualization Product Links Mentioned on Twitter

  1. Axiis : Data Visualization Framework

  2. The JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

  3. Microsoft – What is Pivot?

  4. Many Eyes

  5. Roambi – Your Data, iPhone-Style

  6. Flare – Data Visualization for the Web

  7. – For a fact based world view.

  8. SpatialKey – Location Intelligence for Decision Makers

  9. Tableau Software – Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

  10. SIMILE Widgets

and finally:

Top Data Visualization Websites Mentioned on Twitter

  1. Information Is Beautiful | Ideas, issues, concepts, subjects – visualized!

  2. FlowingData | Data Visualization and Statistics

  3. Information Aesthetics | Information Visualization & Visual Communication

  4. | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks

  5. DataViz on Tumblr

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  • Cabdi writes:
    October 14th, 20153:25 pmat

    sure what you mean, but I will try to clarify. Tableau Public seems to have two coompnents: 1. there is a FREE desktop application that visualization authors and data analysts can install in minutes. It has all the capabilities of the Tableau Desktop Personal commercial version, except that workbooks must be saved to the Tableau Public server, which is an instance of Tableau’s own Tableau Server product. Also, authors are limited to data sources with 100K records. Once a workbook is published (saved) to the Tableau Public Server, it is available to anyone with an internet connection, using either the URL or embed code the publishing process provides.2. The Tableau Public web site is a repository of all work published to the Tableau Public Server. Anyone can sign-up for a FREE account there, which allows them to publish work to the Server using any Tableau desktop application in the 5.1x or future releases stream. So commercial desktop users or Tableau Public Desktop users can publish to the Tableau Public Server for FREE. Essentially, signing up for a Tableau Public account.If you are asking what it cost Tableau Software to develop this whole scenario, sounds like it was/is a significant investment. Perhaps that investment is indirectly supported by sales of the commercial product and their outside funding? If you talk to anyone at Tableau Software, they will engage you at length on this subject, with their typical missionary zeal. I happen to share it, if you had not noticed.If this helps, great. If your question is elsewise, please share.MANY BLESSINGS@Peace and All Good!Michael W CristianiMarket Intelligence Group, LLC

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