Use "BatchGeo" to quickly generate Google Maps with multiple locations
June 19th, 2010 by Tom Johnson

If you've acquired a spreadsheet file with a bunch of addresses, you can quickly map them using BatchGeo.  We haven't tried it yet with a huge data set, but it works nicely with a couple hundred addresses.  Check out BatchGeo at

Have locations in a spreadsheet? Well try this free and unique tool to…

  • Map them using Google Maps
  • Publish a map on your Web site
  • Create a store locator
  • Get coordinates, print maps, and more!

Get started by following the steps below, or check out our video tutorials

What could I use this for?

  • Create a map – Copy directly from spreadsheet program such as Excel, Numbers, or the free Google Docs or OpenOffice Calc.
  • Distance Calculator – Calculate the distance in miles or kilometers to several locations from a single address.
  • Satellite Photos – Addresses are linked to Google Maps for satellite photos and driving directions.
  • Make your own Google Earth KML – Quickly create KML files with your address data for 3D viewing data in Google Earth.
  • Get postal codes / zip codes – Retrieve postal or zip codes for a given address internationally.
  • Print a map – Make a printable map with your addresses on it.
  • Save a map – Create a map with your locations and associated data to a web page for later use.
  • Create a store locator – Map your store properties, and then link to them from your website.
  • Get center coordinates (centroids) for a listing of zip codes, cities, or states.
  • For quick single address geocodes, zip code, city or state centroids use our Single Address Lookup Tool ”

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