NYTimes: "New System Enhances Images in Crime Investigation"
March 11th, 2005 by JTJ

AARON RICADELA  writes in the NYTimes
Circuits section of an interesting piece of software that could give
infographic artists/reporters a fast leg-up on reporting a variety of
“interior” stories.  See March 10, 2005

experts who reconstruct crime scenes want to produce detailed drawings
that can stand up in court without disrupting sensitive evidence. But
creating hand-drawn sketches and taking photographs can take days and
disturb the scene. Computer-aided design packages that require
investigators in the field to enter data can be cumbersome, and results
can be difficult for jurors to decipher.

Now, a Canadian company is demonstrating prototype software, based
on advances in computer vision, that can stitch together a few seconds
of video from a hand-held stereo camera into a detailed 3-D model of a
room, including the people and the objects in it. Using Windows on a
laptop, the police or courtroom workers can zoom around the model to
view it from different perspectives, or click on its features to see
sizes, relative distances, areas and angles.

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