The smell of magazines encourages men to buy them
June 25th, 2005 by Tom Johnson

have long thought that the newspaper industry fails itself by not
funding enough deep psychological research into why people buy, or
don't buy, its product.  Consider, for example, all the research
into what motivates people to by certain types of cars.  It sure
isn't because they need transportation.

It turn out that even that isn't digging deeply enough.  Recent
studies suggest that we could be doing more in terms of
neurochemistry.  The Telegraph, in the UK, reports….

chemical found in under arm sweat could help to encourage men to buy
magazines, according to a new study out this week. 

“The research carried out on 120 students found that when men were
exposed to the pheremone androstenol they were more likely to buy
magazines. The research by Dr Michael Kirk-Smith, from the University
of Ulster and Dr Claus Ebster, from the University of Vienna did not
however find that there was any effect on women.

“Previous studies have found that women exposed to pictures of men
sprayed with androstenol found them more attractive but this is the
first time evidence has shown that consumer behaviour can be influenced
with pheremones.”

Source: The Telegraph newspaper

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