U.S. government GIS mega-library
July 20th, 2005 by Tom Johnson

The good folks at Directions Magazine today tipped us off that is open for business. was spawned by the “Geospatial One-stop” program.

  • “Through the Geospatial One Stop portal (, anyone can access geospatial
    information from federal agencies and a growing number of state, local,
    tribal and private agencies through one comprehensive and comprehensible
  • “Advanced information on future investments in geospatial information
    can provide opportunities for collaboration, intergovernmental partnerships
    and reduce needless duplication of data investment
  • “Building communities around data categories through the efforts of
    “data stewardship leaders” and teams to seek out and highlight
    new and preeminent ways to utilize geospatial tools
  • “In conjunction with FGDC, Geospatial One Stop facilitates standardization
    and intergovernmental agreements on standards and interoperability”
doesn't have everything about everywhere  (yet), but it's a solid — and
very rich — data resource that should be high on a reporter's list of
“data sites to check early in the reporting process.”

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