About maps and blogs and vlogs. (But no cabbages or kings.)
October 10th, 2005 by Tom Johnson

at the IAJ, there is growing curiosity about vlogs, blog sites that
carry video.  And, of course, we're always interested in maps.

We recently ran across “,”
a cool mash-up that integrates vlog sites with Google's mapping
tools.  Worth a visit, we think, and some consideration about how
journalism organizations might apply the technology.

“What is is an online resource which
shows where participating vloggers are located around the world, along
with links to key information about their video blogs. Anyone can
submit info to to be listed on the map, as long as you run
a video blog.

Why is intended to be a fun and interesting way to learn about
and explore the vlogging community and its online offerings.

How does it work?

VlogMap visitors can click on any red pin to get links to the web
address, the RSS feed, and the contact information for that location.
Additionally, a user of VlogMap is able to zero in, and examine areas
of vlogger concentration, such as New York City, Los Angeles, and
London. Anyone can
submit info to to be listed on the map.”

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