And the GIS light went on at the The Eagle-Tribune
November 28th, 2005 by Tom Johnson

This week's edition of GIS Weekly 
tells the tale of how another newspaper figured out that GIS could be a
vital tool for circulation.  Of course, many folks in the
newspaper industry knew that long before word reached the editorial
department, but no matter: more and more publishers and even some
editors are “getting it.”  See “
The Cultivation of Newspaper Readership Using Segmentation Software” by Susan Smith. 

Here are some quotes:

“We mapped the single copy purchase points to determine where they are
and how likely prospective newspaper readers were to be near them or
see them and we found that we could a) increase the density of our
single copy purchase points and b) relocate them to be more in field of
travel of likely newspaper readers. When we did that, we saw in the
Essex County Capital newspapers, basically the North Shore of Boston,
for example, a 25% increase in single copy sales, during the course of
less than a year.”

What was the company's initial investment in the software?
“On an annual basis it's about $20,000-$30,000,” commented [
research director Forbes] Durey. “The
MapInfo software is priced in various stages. MapInfo's sales team was
very flexible in designing a pricing strategy to meet our current
needs. Our initial investment was $800-$900. We tested that for about a
year, and then we decided to dive in and use all the data and
capabilities that MapInfo offers. At this point, we purchased the full
set of capabilities from MapInfo's TargetPro software. Newspapers can
expect a varying degree of investment from $1,000 up to $30,000 or

If you look at
the MapInfo investment we made, it equates to roughly 20 cents per
subscriber per year. What fraction of the value of the subscriber is 20
cents? In the newspaper business today it's a very small fraction.”

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