Yup, that time of the decade is again fast approaching
October 26th, 2006 by JTJ

FYI, folks:

Cynthia Taeuber will present her online course “Using the Census's
American Community Survey (ACS)” at Nov.17 – Dec. 15.
She will be available for questions and comments on a private
discussion board throughout this period.

Prior to 2006, analysts had to make do with increasingly out-of-date
detailed information about households and individuals while they waited
for the next decennial census. Starting in 2006, this information will
be made available on an annual basis in the ACS.

This course shows what sort of information is included, how to obtain
it, and what methodological and sample size issues present themselves.

If you have not made use of similar Census data previously, learn how
you can leverage these improvements in data currency and timeliness for
your projects.  If you have used decennial census data before, you will
benefit by learning about the methodological differences between this
Survey and the decennial census long form – they affect the results and
you may make errors if you don't know how to handle the differences.

Ms. Taeuber, a senior policy advisor at the University of Baltimore's
Jacob France Institute, has 30 years of experience at the U.S. Census
Bureau, directed the analytic staff for the American Community Survey,
and received the Commerce Dept.'s Gold Medal Award for her innovative
work on the American Community Survey.  She is the author of “The
American Community Survey:  Updated Information for America's
Communities,” and more.

As with all online courses at, there are no set hours
when you must be online; we estimate you will need 7-15 hours per week.


Peter Bruce

P.S.  Also coming up:

Nov. 3 – Cluster Analysis (useful for customer segmentation)
Nov. 17 – How to deal with missing data
Nov. 27 – Basic Concepts in Probability and Statistics
612 N. Jackson St.
Arlington, VA 22201

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