How to Cite Maps
July 10th, 2007 by JTJ

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Monday, July 9. 2007

How to Cite Maps Used in School/Journalism

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Fortunately, numerous online sources provide guidance concerning citing web-generated maps. Per the Ohio Wesleyan University webpage and the Chicago Manual of Style, the basic information to include is:

Author or statement of responsibility. Map Title [map]. Data date if known. Scale; Name of person who generated map; Name of software used to generate the map or “Title of the Complete Document or Site”. (date generated).

Delaware, Ohio [map]. 2001. Scale undetermined; generated by Deb Peoples; using “, Inc”.

(2 May 2005)

The following website offers additional examples:, and a websearch for the phrase “citing maps” yields numerous results.

Concerning copyright, the United States authority has many useful papers demystifying the topic: Another serious examination comes from J.B. Post of the New York Map Society, who has collected map copyright case law from 1789-1998; see:

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