Radio does mapping. Mapping????
December 16th, 2007 by Tom Johnson

Who says radio can't do stories on something as image-rich as maps. 

See this from NPR: 

'Cartographia' Showcases Maps as History, Art

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   “A map is a dream, an idea, an action, an emblem of human endeavor. It instigates adventures… Careful perceptions of our surroundings have always been matters of life and death.”

From Vincent Virga's 'Cartographia'


Talk of the Nation, December 12, 2007 · Vincent Virga's Cartographia is a rare collection of 250 color maps and illustrations drawn from the world's largest cartographic collection at the Library of Congress. The collection spans everything from maps of ancient Mesopotamia, to maps of Columbus' discoveries, to contemporary satellite images and maps of the human genome.

Virga says that maps are like time machines — they reveal as much about the society that created them as they do about the geography of the places they describe.

Virga discusses the collection, which he culled from the Library of Congress' millions of maps and tens of thousands of atlases.

“Maps always have and always will help us communicate our physical, mental, and spiritual journeys,” Virga says.



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