Another class of workgroup tool
March 14th, 2008 by Tom Johnson

Increasingly, we find ourselves working on various workgroup projects here at the IAJ.  And increasingly our project colleagues are widely scattered.  Today, for example, we will be communicating with folks in Santa Fe, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba and one guy who is attending a conference, possibly somewhere in the Ohio River Valley.  We've have been using PBWiki for much of this work, but sometimes one just needs to literally see the other guy's digital desktop.

A report today from the always-helpful  Internet Scout points us to:

TeamViewer 3.5.4011

If you are working with a friend on a joint project and he is in Houston and you are in Shanghai, what do you do? You could take a glance at TeamViewer, a program that allows for desktop sharing and file transfer. Visitors just need to run TeamViewer on both machines and the program can also be used to create and display presentations. This version is compatible with computers running Window 95 and newer. 




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