Seeing through the fog
April 30th, 2005 by JTJ

One of the underlying — and motivating — assumptions here at the IAJ is that having good data is a prerequisite to
doing good analysis.  And the analytic journalist needs to know
first what data is available before any questions can be raised about
the quality and defintion of that data.  All this means we are
talking about transparency in government and, when possible, the
private sector.  (It also applies to transparency in
journalism.  More on that here and in days to come.)

One of our favorite and most reliable sources is The Scout Report.  It informs us today:

Development Gateway: Public Sector Transparency

The Scout Report has profiled various offerings from the Development Gateway in the past several years, but one of the  group's latest creations is both

thought-provoking and helpful for policy-makers and persons generally interested in the subject of governance. This particular site casts an eye on the question of transparency in governmental transactions through interviews with leaders from a broad range of sectors, along with allowing space for individual feedback. The “Points of View” section is a good place to start, as it includes commentary from government officials from Bolivia, Guatemala, and Tanzania about the question of public sector transparency.  Other sections on the site address such thorny questions as “What tools help sustain public sector transparency?” and “What practices promote public-private partnerships?” Those visual learners coming to visit the site may appreciate the gallery of charts that offer indicators of levels ofgovernance and transparency for more than 209 countries. [KMG]”

On that site you will find:
This Special Report on Public Sector Transparency illustrates current international trends in
advancing transparency through civil society, government and the media. Through
extensive interviews
with leaders across a range of sectors as well as survey feedback from Development Gateway users, this Report
explores the practical issues of ensuring openness in governments around the world.”

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