Diggin' into applied technology transfer
May 11th, 2005 by JTJ

The IAJ is always interested in people who are applying
methods and technologies in some totally unanticipated manner.

The current issue of WIRED magazine carries a short about
archeologists in Mexico using sophisticated technology developed by physicists
to learn more about one of that nation's major pre-Columbia pyramids.

Cosmic Secrets of the Pyramids” reports:

…They're peering into the pyramid with muons,
subatomic particles created when cosmic rays hit Earth's atmosphere. Traveling
at nearly the speed of light, muons have enormous penetrating power – able to
pierce half a mile of solid rock. (Researchers are using them to map lava tubes
in active volcanoes and to try to find nuclear contraband in shipping
containers.) Physicists with the National Autonomous University of Mexico are
using muon density levels to scan Teotihuacán for cavities, perhaps the tombs
of the mysterious civilization's rulers. Preliminary experiments suggest their
detectors can find voids larger than 2½ feet across.

Might a good county government reporter find “voids
larger than 2½ feet across” at the next board of supervisors meeting?

Click here for still more on the topic.

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