Presenting data aesthetically
June 12th, 2005 by JTJ

Here's one of those online sites that will keep us browsing for hours.  “Information Aesthetics
weblog says it's about “form follows data – towards creative
information visualiztion.”  Indeed so.  How about links to:

  • Faucet Friend: a slip-on visualization device that dynamically changes color according
    to the temperature of the water that is exiting the faucet spout. this
    device attempts to avoid burns from scalding water at the kitchen or
    bathroom faucet by giving the user an inexpensive way to ascertain, at
    a glance, key temperature ranges.

  • Infotube: spatialization of information for virtual environments. as a clear
    example of 'cyberspace architecture', the space is entirely built up by
    information itself instead of simulating a real shopping street mapped
    in 3D space. users can literally browse through the infotubes, & be
    aware of shops, products, visitors & popularity (represented by
    orthogonal branches).

  • Google Ridefinder:  a 'street usage' visualization based on the real-time Google ridefinder maps that display the geographical position of SuperShuttles
    (buses that travel between hotels & airports) in New York. this map
    is generated from data gathered over 5 days, queried every 5 minutes,
    with each red dot representing a single SuperShuttle. one can clearly
    perceive the Manhattan outlines, possible coffee shops in Queens &
    favorite traffic bottle necks (e.g. bridges & tunnels).

The principles are here showing how creative journalism might deliver pertinent data/information to the people.

Information Aesthetics is updated often.

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