Some great sessions at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference
September 30th, 2005 by JTJ

Friday's highlights from the conference in Amsterdam….

Henk van Ess has given two fine training sessions yesterday and this morning.  The first:

Training 02: Forensic surfing (Thursday 14.00 – 15.15)
How can you figure out the reliability of a website –
even without opening the site? How do you find the owner of a web site? How can you see how old a page is,
even if it doesn't say 'Page last updated at..'? How do you find the author of a Word document?
Welcome to the world of forensic surfing. Extra: CD-ROM with the course 'Internet Detective' for all participants.

Watch the HTML version at

The second session:

Hacking with Google (Friday 9.30 – 10.45)

“People make mistakes. They put sensitive data
on servers. They forget to remove delicate material. They leave
directories open with hidden files. Learn how to use Google in a
different way. The best search techniques for finding secret documents
from governments, institutions and companies. Open them with the right
questions. Henk van Ess
(AD, Netherlands) teaches you what sort of words you have to type,
which special syntax you have to use and how you should interpret the
answers. Note: this training will teach you how to find material that
shouldn't be on the web. It doesn't teach you how to hack into systems.”
This presentation can be viewed at
There is a companion book – The Google Hacker’s Guide:

Understanding and Defending Against the Google Hacker by Johnny Long (
— partial section at


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