Integrating GIS and the social sciences
January 15th, 2006 by JTJ

Just ran across this interesting book related to GIS and Social Science applications.

Best Practice Publications:
Spatially Integrated Social Science

by Michael F. Goodchild and Donald G. Janelle
Oxford University Press, 2004

Table of Contents

Foreword: Norman Bradburn


  1. Thinking Spatially in the Social Sciences
    Michael F. Goodchild and Donald G. Janelle
  2. Inferring the Behavior of Households from
    Remotely Sensed Changes in Land Cover:
    Current Methods and Future Directions

    Bruce Boucek and Emilio F. Moran
  3. Geo-visualization of Human Activity Patterns
    Using 3-D GIS: A Time-Geographic Approach

    Mei-Po Kwan and Jiyeong Lee
  4. Agent-Based Modeling: From Individual Residential
    Choice to Urban Residential Dynamics

    Itzhak Benenson
  5. Too Much of the Wrong Kind of Data: Implications
    for the Practice of Micro-Scale Spatial Modeling

    David O'Sullivan
  6. Identifying Ethnic Neighborhoods with Census
    Data: Group Concentration and Spatial Clustering

    John R. Logan and Wenquan Zhang
  7. Spatial Analyses of Homicide with Areal

    Steven F. Messner and Luc Anselin
  8. Spatial (Dis)Advantage and Homicide in Chicago

    Robert J. Sampson and Jeffrey D. Morenoff
  9. Measuring Spatial Diffusion of Shots Fired
    Activity Across City Neighborhoods

    George Tita and Jacqueline Cohen
  10. The Spatial Structure of Urban Political
    Discussion Networks

    Munroe Eagles, Paul Bélanger, and Hugh W. Calkins
  11. Mapping Social Exclusion and Inclusion in
    Developing Countries: Spatial Patterns of São Paulo
    in the 1990s

    Gilberto Câmara, Aldaiza Sposati, Dirce Koga, Antonio
    Miguel Monteiro, Frederico Roman Ramos,
    Eduardo Camargo, and Suzana Druck Fuks
  12. Business Location and Spatial Externalities:
    Tying Concepts to Measures

    Stuart H. Sweeney and Edward J. Feser
  13. Updating Spatial Perspectives and Analytical
    Frameworks in Urban Research

    Qing Shen
  14. Spatial Analysis of Regional Income Inequality
    Sergio J. Rey
  15. Shaping Policy Decisions with Spatial Analysis
    Ted K. Bradshaw and Brian Muller
  16. Geographical Approaches for Reconstructing
    Past Human Behavior from Prehistoric Roadways

    John Kantner
  17. Time, Space, and Archaeological Landscapes:
    Establishing Connections in the First Millennium BC

    Patrick Daly and Gary Lock
  18. Spatial Perspectives in Public Health
    Anthony C. Gatrell and Janette E. Rigby
  19. The Role of Spatial Analysis in Demographic

    John R. Weeks
  20. Spatial Interaction Models of International
    Telecommunication Flows

    Jean-Michel Guldmann
  21. Planning Scenario Visualization and Assessment:
    A Cellular Automata Based Integrated Spatial Decision Support

    Roger White, Bas Straatman, and Guy Engelen

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