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August 16th, 2006 by JTJ

Fascinating display of global statistics on site, Gapminder  The homepage currently has some dynamic displays related to
Human Development Trends: 2005.  Well worth watching, but be sure to scroll down the page to scan all the useful articles and presentations available.

Then, perhaps saving the best for last, go to the Gapminder Tool  at  Note that you can play with the axes to change (a) what is graphed and (b) how it is graphed (log or linear), and hit the play button on the bottom to see how the numbers changed over the past years.  [Thanks Patti Schank for this good tip.]

Search statistics through Google and watch it move with Gapminder

Google Subscribed Links makes it possible to search deep into Gapminder's moving graphs visualizing world development.

Subscribe or go straight to the graph.

Contact with questions or suggestions for improvements.

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