JAGIS at The University of Hong Kong
December 16th, 2007 by Tom Johnson

What have we here? Cooperation between two academic departments in the same university? Largely unheard of in most schools, but it has happened with positive results in Hong Kong.

23 Nov 2007

Power Distribution of the Four Political Camps, Seeing the 2007 District Council Election Results with Maps

The Department of Geography and the Journalism and Media Studies Centre of The University of Hong Kong (HKU) announced today (November 23) an analysis of results of the 2007 District Council Election of four political camps from the spatial perspective.

Dr. P.C. Lai, Associate Professor of the Department of Geography, and her team applied the Geographic Information System (GIS) to analyze results of the District Council Election. The GIS technology was used to explore the power re-distribution of the four political camps or affiliations – pro-government, pro-democrat, moderate (Liberal Party) and independent candidates – of the said election. [more]

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